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Making pour overs is now easier than ever with the new Hario V60 Immersion Dripper Switch.  This immersion dripper is a fail-proof dripper that gives you a perfectly brewed cup.  Just immerse your ground coffee by pouring water into the V60.  A stainless ball on the bottom of the dripper blocks the water from dripping out, and after 2 minutes, just press the switch and 360ml of coffee is ready for serving!  It offers the rich aroma of the French Press method with the clear taste of V60 pour over method, giving the best of both brewing methods in a single dripper.


Check out video link below for more information:


Finished Capacity: 360mL

Use Hario 03 Size Filter Papers

What's in the box :
1 x Hario V60 Immersion Dripper
40 x 03 Filter Papers

Hario V60 Immersion Switch Dripper ONLY 360mL - Size 03

SKU: SSD-360-B
₱3,000.00 Regular Price
₱2,700.00Sale Price
  • Before you order please be 100% sure because we do not have a cancellation or a refund policy. Paid orders will automatically be delivered. Unpaid orders will be disregarded after 3 working days.

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