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This is all-in-one Hario V60 set. It includes everything you need to begin your drip style brewing experience. It comes with an elegant modern aluminum silver drip station that allows the glass dripper to slot in perfectly at the top. While the V60 server, is placed at the bottom of the stand to allow the coffee to drip into it. This V60 bundle also includes a scoop and filter papers to get you started immediately. This will also perfectly fit on top of the Hario Drip Scale.

Capacity: 1-4 cups

What's in the box :
1 x V60 Glass Dripper
1 x V60 Server
1 x Aluminum Drip Station
1 x Measuring Scoop
1 x Pack of Filter Papers

Hario V60 Aluminum Single Stand Set 02

SKU: VSA-1006-SV
Out of Stock
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