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Making the perfect cup of coffee requires precision and accuracy. The Hario VSTN-2000B allows you to simultaneously measure the weight and extraction time of your favorite brew. The v60 drip scales are designed to go hand in hand with the V60 drip station. Together they form a stunning view in any type of environment. It requires 2 AAA batteries to run.


Hario believes that there are discrepancies in weights depending on your region or country located in that may cause errors in high precision scales.  The NEW Hario Drip Scale with Timer is equipped with a country based weight setting that allows you to setup your country location upon first use of the scale.

What's in the box :
1x Hario V60 Drip Scales (VST-2000B) - BLACK
Integrated Timer
0.1g Accuracy
Auto Power Off in 5 Minutes (Not activated when the timer is on)

Hario Digital Drip Scale & Timer - Black (New Version)

  • Before you order please be 100% sure because we do not have a cancellation or a refund policy. Paid orders will automatically be delivered. Unpaid orders will be disregarded after 3 working days.

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